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Xu JingYu

Doctor doctoral supervisor
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[1] Xu JY,Wu YX,Li H,et al. Study Of Drag Reduction By Gas Injection For Power-law Fluid Flow In Horizontal Stratified And Slug Flow Regimes[J]. Chemical Engineering Journal,2009-01-01,147(2-3):235–244.
[2] Xu JY,Li DH,Guo J,et al. Investigations Of Phase Inversion And Frictional Pressure Gradients In Upward And Downward Oil–water Flow In Vertical Pipes[J]. International Journal Of Multiphase Flow,2010-01-01,36(11-12):930–939.
[3] Xu JY. A Simple Correlation For Prediction Of The Liquid Slug Holdup In Gas/non-newtonian Fluids: Horizontal To Upward Inclined Flow[J]. Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science,2013-01-01,44:893–896.
[4] Xu JY. Investigation On Average Void Fraction For Air/non-newtonian Power-law Fluids Two-phase Flow In Downward Inclined Pipes[J]. Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science,2010-01-01,34(8):1484–1487.
[5] Liu HF,Xu JY,Zhang J,et al. Oil/water Separation In A Liquid-liquid Cylindrical Cyclone[J]. Journal Of Hydrodynamics,2012-02-01,24(1):116-123.
[6] Zhang J,Xu JY,Gao MC,et al. Apparent Viscosity Of Oil-water (coarse) Emulsion And Its Rheological Characterization During The Phase Inversion Region[J]. Journal Of Dispersion Science And Technology,2013-08-03,34(8):1148-1160.
[7] Shi SY,Xu JY,Sun HQ,et al. Experimental Study Of A Vane-type Pipe Separator For Oil-water Separation[J]. Chemical Engineering Research & Design,2012-10-01,90(10):1652-1659.
[8] Xu JY,Zhang J,Liu HF,et al. Oil-gas-water Three-phase Upward Flow Through A Vertical Pipe: Influence Of Gas Injection On The Pressure Gradient[J]. International Journal Of Multiphase Flow,2012-11-01,46:1-8.
[9] Xu JY,Wu YX,Zheng ZC,et al. Measurement Of Solid Slurry Flow Via Correlation Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Electrical Resistance Tomography And Mechanistic Modelling[J]. Journal Of Hydrodynamics,2009-01-01,21(4):557-563.
[10] Xu JY,Wu YX,Shi ZH,et al. Studies On Two-phase Co-current Air/non-newtonian Shear-thinning Fluid Flows In Inclined Smooth Pipes[J]. International Journal Of Multiphase Flow,2007-01-01,33(9):948-969.
[11] Zhang J,Xu JY,Gao, MC. Experimental Investigation On Yield Stress Of Water-in-heavy Crude Oil Emulsions In Order To Improve Pipeline Flow[J]. Journal Of Dispersion Science And Technology,2014-04-03,35(4):593-598.
[12] Xu JY,Wu YX. A Simple Model For Predicting The Void Fraction Of Gas/non-newtonian Fluid Intermittent Flows In Upward Inclined Pipes[J]. Chemical Engineering Communications,2009-01-01:746-753.
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Research Topics

油水分离[9] 压降[7] 柱型旋流器[5] Holdup[5] 数值模拟[5] 油水两相流动[5] T型管[4] Horizontal Pipes[4] 流型[4] 分离效率[4] Tubes[3] thixotropy[3] yield stress[3] 气浮[3] 流变性[3]

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