Jiang ZongLin

Jiang ZongLin

Doctor doctoral supervisor
Institue of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of S...

Research Interests

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Fluid mechanics Shock Wave and Detonation Physics


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[1] Teng HH,Ng HD,Li K,et al. Evolution Of Cellular Structures On Oblique Detonation Surfaces[J]. Combustion And Flame,2015,162(2):470-477.
[2] Teng HH,Jiang ZL. Instability Criterion Of One-dimensional Detonation Wave With Three-step Chain Branching Reaction Model[J]. Chinese Physics Letters,2011,28(8):84704.
[3] Hu ZM,Wang C,Jiang ZL,et al. On The Numerical Technique For The Simulation Of Hypervelocity Test Flows[J]. Computers & Fluids,2015,106:12-18.
[4] Liu YF,Jiang ZL. Concept Of Non-ablative Thermal Protection System For Hypersonic Vehicles[J]. Aiaa Journal,2013,51(3):584-590.
[5] Yang GW,Hu ZM,Jiang ZL. Starting Nozzle Flow Simulation Using K-g Two-equation Turbulence Model[C]. Shock Waves, Vols 1 And 2, Proceedings Of The 24th International Symposium On Shock Waves, 2004, Pages: 1175-1180 Published: 2005.2004.
[6] Luo H,Xia YD,Spiegel S,et al. A Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based On A Hierarchical Weno Reconstruction For Compressible Flows On Tetrahedral Grids[J]. Journal Of Computational Physics,2013,236:477-492.
[7] Teng HH,Jiang ZL. On The Transition Pattern Of The Oblique Detonation Structure[J]. Journal Of Fluid Mechanics,2012,713:659-669.
[8] Jiang ZL,Han GL,Wang C,et al. Self-organized Generation Of Transverse Waves In Diverging Cylindrical Detonations[J]. Combustion And Flame,2009(156):1653–1661.
[9] Luo CT,Wang C,Jiang ZL,et al. An Integrated Evolutionary Algorithm For Expensive Global Optimization[C]. 2010 Sixth International Conference On Natural Computation (icnc 2010).烟台.2010-08-10~2010-08-12.2010.
[10] Zhao W,Jiang ZL,Yu HR,et al. Wave Propagation Analysis In A Pressure-wave-refrigerator[C]. Modern Physics Letters B.2005,1747-1750.
[11] Han GL,Jiang ZL. Approximate Analytic Solution Of Heat Conduction In Hollow Semi-spheres Flying At Hypersonic Speed[J]. International Communications In Heat And Mass Transfer,2013,43:46-52.
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Research Topics

爆轰波[25] 数值模拟[12] 激波[11] 爆炸力学[6] 激波反射[5] 增益系数[5] 横波[5] 基元反应模型[5] 高超声速流动[4] 激波风洞[4] 脉冲爆轰发动机[4] 胞格结构[4] 爆轰驱动[4] Detonation[4] 斜爆轰波[4]

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