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Sheathless Separation of Particles and Cells by Viscoelastic Effects in Straight Rectangular Microchannels
Liu C; Xue CD; Hu GQ(胡国庆)
Source PublicationProcedia Engineering
AbstractWe demonstrate a label-free and sheathless hydrodynamic approach that successfully separate particles and cells by size in straight microchannels. Particles and cells have size-dependent stable equilibrium positions in 0.1wt % polyethylene oxide (PEO, Mw = 4脳106 g/mol) solution in a rectangular microchannel: 1渭m particles focus at the channel center while 3渭m particles focus near the channel side walls, which is completely different from the previously observed focusing at the channel center regardless of particle size. The effect of blockage ratio accounts for the deviation of large particles from the center. Utilizing this size-dependent differential migration, we successfully separate E. coli bacteria and red blood cells (RBCs) with both components tightly focused at different equilibrium positions in a straight microchannel, which has good parallelizability for higher throughput.
KeywordViscoelasticity Particle Separation Microfluidics
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