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Comparative Study of Elliptic and Round Scramjet Combustors Fueled by RP-3 会议论文
21st AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonics Technologies Conference, Xiamen, PEOPLES R CHINA, MAR 06-09, 2017
Authors:  Yao W(姚卫);  Yuan YM(袁越明);  Li XP(李晓鹏);  Wang J(王晶);  Wu K(吴坤);  Fan XJ(范学军)
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Optimal windbreak design for wind-erosion in high-speed railway 会议论文
2nd SREE Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering, CMCE 2013, Hong Kong, Hong kong, June 22, 2013 - June 23, 2013
Authors:  Xi Y;  Mao J;  Gao L;  Yang GW(杨国伟)
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Double Layer Structure  High Speed Train (Hst)  High-speed Railways  Protection Systems  Safety Of Structures  Single-layer Structure  Structural Stabilities  Train Aerodynamics  
Kinetic studies of gas flows 会议论文
The Second International Symposium on Computational Mechanics in Conjunction with The Twelfth International Conference on the Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science, Hong Kong and Macau, 2009-11
Authors:  Fan J(樊菁);  Sun QH(孙泉华)
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Prediction of particle distribution in isotropic turbulence by large-eddy simulation 会议论文
5th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, Shanghai, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 15-19, 2007
Authors:  Yang Y(杨越);  He GW(何国威);  Jin GD(晋国栋);  Yang Y
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Particle Distribution  Particle-laden Turbulence  Large-eddy Simulation  Subgrid Scale Model  
What Do We Know about Long Laminar Plasma Jets? 会议论文
17th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 17), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 7–12 August 2005
Authors:  Chen X(陈熙);  Pan WX(潘文霞);  Meng X(孟显);  Cheng K;  Xu DY;  Wu CK(吴承康)
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Preliminary numerical simulation investigation of the cone effect in an adaptive optics system using a laser guide star 会议论文
Conference on Adaptive Optics and Applications III, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, NOV 08-09, 2004
Authors:  Yan HX(严海星);  Li SS(李树山);  Chen S(陈涉);  严海星 (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, Beijing 100080, Peoples R China.
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Effects of Reconstruction Matrix and Controller Coefficients on Performances of an Adaptive Optics System Investigated by a Numerical Simulation 会议论文
Conference on Adaptive Optics and Applications II, 2002
Authors:  Yan HX(严海星);  Li SS(李树山);  Chen S(陈涉)
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Effects of Noise and Detection Error in a Dynamic Adaptive Optics System 会议论文
Conference on Adaptive Optics and Applications II, 2002
Authors:  Chen S(陈涉);  Yan HX(严海星);  Li SS(李树山)
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Numerical simulation investigations of the effects of noise and detection error in an adaptive optics system 会议论文
Conference on Adaptive Optics Systems and Technology II, SAN DIEGO, CA, JUL 30-AUG 01, 2001
Authors:  Yan HX(严海星);  Chen S(陈涉);  Li SS(李树山)
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Numerical simulation of laser propagation in atmosphere and an adaptive optics system in static state 会议论文
Conference on Propagation and Imaging through the Atmosphere III, DENVER, CO, JUL 22-23, 1999
Authors:  Yan HX(严海星);  Li SS(李树山);  Zhang DL(张德良);  Chen S(陈涉);  严海星 (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, Beijing 100080, Peoples R China.
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