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Diode laser absorption tomography for swirl flames application 会议论文
5th International Symposium on Laser Interaction with Matter, LIMIS 2018, Changsha,China, November 11, 2018 - November 13, 2018
Authors:  Li F(李飞);  Kang GJ(康国健);  Lin X(林鑫);  Wang KL(王宽亮);  Yu XL(余西龙)
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3D measurements of swirling flame heat release rate based on CH chemiluminescence 会议论文
The International Society for Optical Engineering, v 11046, 2019, Fifth International Symposium on Laser Interaction with Matter, Changsha(P.R.China), 2018.11.11-2018.11.14
Authors:  Wang KL(王宽亮);  Kang GJ(康国健);  Li F(李飞);  Yu XL(余西龙)
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Investigation of Oil Droplet Distribution in a Vane-Type Pipe Separator 会议论文
International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Automation (AMMA), Hong Kong, HONG KONG, JUN 23-24, 2017
Authors:  Shi SY(史仕荧);  Liang CC(梁楚楚);  Zhang D(张栋);  Li H(李华);  Zheng SH;  Li W
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Guiding Vanes  Droplet Size Distribution  Swirl Flow Field  Maximum Droplet  Cumulative Volume Function  
Flow state analysis on abrasive motion of centrifugal grinding under different working conditions 会议论文
16th Conference of Abrasive Technology in China, Urumqi, China, AUG 07-10, 2011
Authors:  Wang HC;  Zhang DL(张德良);  Fang X(方新)
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Behavioral Research  Centrifugation  Grinding (Comminution)  Grinding (Machining)  Lapping  Two Phase Flow  Abrasive Grains  Centrifugal Grinding  Design And Technology  Flow State  Flowing Analysis  Working Conditions  Working Quality  
Silicon surface modification with supported phospholipids bilayer for biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry 会议论文
4th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, ECIFMBE 2008, Antwerp, Belgium, November 23, 2008 - November 27, 2008
Authors:  Chen YY(陈艳艳);  Wang ZH;  Liu Y;  Liang W;  Chang WR;  Jin G(靳刚)
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Bi-layer  Carboxyl Groups  Covalent Immobilization  Functionalized  Imaging Ellipsometry  Microfluidic Array  Phosphatidylethanolamine  Phospholipids Bilayer  Silicon Surfaces  
New expression of crystal hardening coefficients and calibration of the material constants 会议论文
1st Asia/Oceania International Symposium on Plasticity, TSINGHUA UNIV, BEIJING, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 16-19, 1993
Authors:  Liang NG(梁乃刚);  Xu T;  Wang ZQ(王自强)
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