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Responses of thin film photovoltaic cell to irradiation under double laser beams of different wavelength 会议论文
Chinese Materials Congress (CMC 2012), Taiyuan, PEOPLES R CHINA, JUL 13-18, 2012
Authors:  Yuan YC(袁雨辰);  Wu CW(吴臣武);  Chen GN(陈光南);  Yuan, YC (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, 15 Beisihuanxi Rd, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China.
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Laser  Thin-film Photovoltaic Cell  Heat  Temperature Elevation  Efficiency  
An Immersed Boundary based method for studying thermal interaction of particles in a viscous fluid 会议论文
ASME 2010 3rd Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting, FEDSM 2010 Collocated with 8th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels, Montreal, QC, Canada, August 1, 2010 - August 5, 2010
Authors:  Feng ZG;  Paudel BD;  Zhang X(张星);  Feng, Z.-G. (
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Buoyancy Forces  Circular Particle  Energy Density Functions  Energy Equation  Eulerian Grids  Flow Regions  Fluid Motions  Force Density Function  Heat Transfer Equations  Immersed Boundary  Lagrangian  Momentum Equation  Momentum Interaction  Nonisothermal  Nonisothermal Flows  Particle Surface  Sedimentation Velocities  Simulation Result  Solid Particles  Thermal Boundary Conditions  Thermal Interaction  Viscous Fluids  
Torsion fracture behavior of drawn pearlitic steel wires with different heat treatments 会议论文
7th International Conference on Fracture and Strength of Solids, Urumqi, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 27-29, 2007
Authors:  Wang ZJ(王志甲);  Wu XL(武晓雷);  Hong YS(洪友士);  Hong YS
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Pearlitic Steel Wire  Heat Treatment  Torsion Tests  Dsc  Strain Aging  Recovery  
Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Mechanism in Turbulent Supercritical CO2 Channel Flow 会议论文
7th ASME/JSME Thermal Engineering Conference/Summer Heat Transfer Conference, Vancouver, CANADA, JUL 08-12, 2007
Authors:  Li XL(李新亮);  Hashimoto K;  Tominaga Y;  Tanahashi M;  Miyauchi T;  Li XL
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Turbulent Heat Transfer  Supercritical Flow  Direct Numerical Simulation  Turbulent Channel Flow  Simulation  Equation  State  
Pool Boiling in Microgravity: Recent Results and Perspectives for the Project DEPA-SJ10 会议论文
3rd International Topical Team Workshop on Two-phase Systems for Ground and Space Applications, Univ Libre Bruxelles, Brussels, BELGIUM, SEP 10-12, 2008
Authors:  Wan SX(万士昕);  Zhao JF(赵建福);  Zhao JF
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Microgravity  Pool Boiling  Chinese Recoverable Satellite  Drop Tower Beijing  Review  Heat-transfer  
Research progress on high-enthalpy and hypersonic flows 会议论文
5th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, Shanghai, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 15-19, 2007
Authors:  Jiang ZL(姜宗林);  Yu HR(俞鸿儒);  Lin ZB(林贞彬);  Jiang Z
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Hypersonic Flows  Detonation Driver  Shock-reflected Tunnels  Shock-expanded Tube  Heat Transfer  
Lateral motion and departure of vapor bubbles in nucleate pool boiling on thin wires in microgravity 会议论文
5th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, Shanghai, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 15-19, 2007
Authors:  Zhao JF(赵建福);  Wan SX(万士昕);  Liu G;  Li ZD;  Liu YH;  Yan N;  Zhao JF
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Microgravity  Nucleate Pool Boiling  Lateral Motion  Bubble Departure Diameter  Marangoni Effect  Heat-transfer