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激波-湍流边界层干扰直接数值模拟研究 会议论文
首届中国空气动力学大会, 四川绵阳, 2018年8月15-19日
作者:  李新亮;  童福林;  于长平;  李欣
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飞行器高空投放飞行特性的示例研究 会议论文
LHD-2018夏季学术研讨会, 怀柔, 2018-08
作者:  刘洪伟
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飞行仿真  高空投放  飞行特性  宽速域飞行器  
A hybrid kinetic WENO scheme for compressible flow simulations 会议论文
The 10th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD10), Barcelona,Spain, July 9-13, 2018
作者:  Liu HW(刘洪伟);  Yu ZP(于长平);  Li XL(李新亮)
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Gas Kinetic Theory  Numerical Dissipation  Weno Method  Hybrid Numerical Flux  High Order Schemes  
Direct Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Boundary-layer Transition of Blunt cones 会议论文
Tenth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD10), Barcelona, Spain, Jule 9-13, 2018
作者:  Li XL(李新亮);  Yu ZP(于长平);  Tong FL(童福林)
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DNS of Turbulent Compression Ramp Flow with Mach 6 会议论文
7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD 7), Glasgow, UK, 11 – 15 June 2018
作者:  Li XL(李新亮);  Yu ZP(于长平);  Tong FL(童福林)
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Space Robot Teleoperation Experiment and System Evaluation Method 会议论文
2018 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management,Communicates,Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IMCEC), China, 25-27 May 2018
作者:  Feng GH(冯冠华);  Li WH(李文皓)
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Inertial migrations of cylindrical particles in rectangular microchannels: Variations of equilibrium positions and equivalent diameters 会议论文
8th Meeting of the Hellenic-Society-of-Rheology, Limassol, CYPRUS, JUL 12-14, 2017
作者:  Su JH;  Chen XD(陈晓东);  Hu GQ(胡国庆)
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Comparative Study of Elliptic and Round Scramjet Combustors Fueled by RP-3 会议论文
21st AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonics Technologies Conference, Xiamen, PEOPLES R CHINA, MAR 06-09, 2017
作者:  Yao W(姚卫);  Yuan YM(袁越明);  Li XP(李晓鹏);  Wang J(王晶);  Wu K(吴坤);  Fan XJ(范学军)
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Influence of hysteresis effect on properties of reactively sputtered TiAlSiN films 会议论文
5th Asian International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Hangzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA, NOV 12-14, 2016
作者:  Gao FY(高方圆);  Li G(李光);  Xia Y(夏原);  Xia, Y (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, 15 Beisihuanxi Rd, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China.
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Thin-films  Mechanical-properties  Coatings  Microstructure  Oxidation  Evolution  Al  Si  
Mechanical Properties of 3D Isotropic Anti-Tetrachiral Metastructure 会议论文
12th International Conference on Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces (OSI), Trin Coll Dublin, Sch Phys, Dublin, IRELAND, JUN 25-30, 2017
作者:  Xia R;  Song XK;  Sun LJ;  Wu WW;  Li CL;  Cheng TB(程天宝);  Qian GA(钱贵安)
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3d Anti-tetrachiral  Auxetic  Isotropic  Modulus