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Experiment study on improved closed loop pulsating heat pipe with silver/water nanofluid 会议论文
2nd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2013), Guilin, China, APR 19-21, 2013
Authors:  Shi WX;  Li WY;  Pan LS(潘利生);  Shi, WX (reprint author), Beijing Univ Civil Engn & Architecture, Sch Environm & Energy Engn, Beijing 100044, Peoples R China.
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Nanofluid  Improved Closed Loop  Pulsating Heat Pipe  Start Up  Operation Stability  Heat Transfer  
一种海洋平台柱腿载荷测量结构 专利
发明专利. 一种海洋平台柱腿载荷测量结构, 专利号: ZL2007100634399, 申请日期: 2007-01-31, 授权日期: 2013-01-04
Inventors:  丁桦;  时忠民;  杨兵;  周昊;  李文颖
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海洋平台局部隔振研究 学位论文
硕士论文,北京: 中国科学院研究生院, 2008
Authors:  李文颖
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