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Development of zone flamelet modelfor scramjet combustor modeling 会议论文
21st AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonics Technologies Conference, Hypersonics 2017, Xiamen, China, March 6, 2017 - March 9, 2017
Authors:  Yao W(姚卫);  Fan XJ(范学军)
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Combustion  Cost benefit analysis  Costs  Mixtures  Ramjet engines  Supersonic aircraft  Computational costs  Equivalence ratios  Local flow conditions  Scramjet combustors  Statistics approaches  Supersonic combustion  Supersonic combustors  Turbulent combustion  
Measurement of heat flux distribution of supercritical kerosene fueled supersonic combustor 会议论文
32nd AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference, 2016, Washington, DC, United states, June 13, 2016 - June 17, 2016
Authors:  Cheng D(程迪);  Wang J(王晶);  Gong J;  Lu Y(陆阳);  Yao W(姚卫);  Li L(李龙);  Fan XJ(范学军);  Fan, Xuejun (
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Equivalence Ratios  Heat Flux Distributions  Heat Transfer Characteristics  Scramjet  Supercritical Kerosenes  Supersonic Combustion  Supersonic Combustors  Total Temperatures  
Combustion of kerosene in a supersonic stream 会议论文
38th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit 2000, Reno, NV, United states, January 10, 2000 - January 13, 2000
Authors:  Li JG(李建国);  Yu G(俞刚);  Zhang XY(张新宇);  Huang QS
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Cavity Flame Holders  Combustion Efficiencies  Combustor Performance  Equivalence Ratios  Modular Structures  Optimized Conditions  Stagnation Pressures  Supersonic Combustors