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An experimental and numerical study of heat transfer from arrays of impinging jets with surface ribs 期刊论文
Authors:  Spring S;  Xing YF(邢云绯);  Weigand B;  Spring, S;  Univ Stuttgart, Inst Aerosp Thermodynam ITLR, Pfaffenwaldring 31, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany.
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Jet Impingement  Impingement Cooling  Impingement Array  Surface Ribs  Experimental  Numerical  Cfd  Tlc  Liquid-crystal  Cross-flow  Circular Jets  Staggered Arrays  Spent Air  Impingement  Gas  Systems  Models  
The YAG laser texturing technology and application with controllable disorder distribution 会议论文
2011 2nd International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering, MACE 2011, Inner Mongolia, China, JUL 15-17, 2011
Authors:  Wang HC(王红才);  Wang Y(王扬);  Zhan J(占剑);  Yang MJ(杨明江)
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Mechanics  Metal Cleaning  Metal Finishing  Optical Systems  Coating Properties  Controllable Disorder Distribution  Controllable Distribution  Controlling System  Electrodischarges  Gas Systems  Laser Systems  Laser Texturing  Mechanical Systems  Regular Distribution  Shot-blast Texturing  Spots Distribution  Texturing Effect  Yag  Yag Laser  
Theoretical and engineering research on the municipal solid waste plasma gasification 会议论文
International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies and Hazardous Waste Combustors 2011, Jacksonville, FL, United states, MAY 10-13, 2011
Authors:  Sheng HZ(盛宏至);  Deng J(邓晶);  Li YJ(李要建);  Xu YX(徐永香);  Sheng HZ(盛宏至)
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Atmospheric Pressure  Calorific Value  Combustion  Combustors  Conceptual Design  Energy Conversion  Gas Engines  Gasification  Hazardous Materials  Heat Treatment  Hydrochloric Acid  Organic Pollutants  Plasma Applications  Plasmas  Radioactive Waste Disposal  Synthesis Gas  Waste Disposal  Waste Treatment  Cooling Process  Dew Points  Energy Recovery  Engine Generator  Environmentally-friendly Technology  Hcl Gas  High Temperature  Hot Syngas  Kitchen Garbage  Lower Heating Value  Msw  Plasma Gasification  Plasma Reactors  Pre-processing  Pretreatment Systems  Reaction Temperature  Reactor  Reactor Chamber  Syn-gas  
Numerical simulations of the temperature and velocity fields in a plasma-arc system and equilibrium calculations of steam injected for syngas recovery from POPs 会议论文
Joint Conference: International Thermal Treatment Technologies (IT3) and Hazardous Waste Combustors (HWC), Cincinnati, OH, United states, May 18, 2009 - May 21, 2009
Authors:  Wang Y(王阳);  Tian JG(田君国);  Li YJ(李要建);  Wang R(王蕊);  Xu YX(徐永香);  Sheng HZ(盛宏至);  Sheng, H. (
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Arc  Cathode Jet  Cathode Spot  Destruction Efficiency  Direct Current  Electrical Energy  Energy Inputs  Energy Transformation  Environmentally-friendly  Equilibrium Calculation  Experimental Facilities  Magnetohydrodynamic Model  Magnetohydrodynamic Plasmas  Molar Ratio  Numerical Simulation  Persistent Organic Pollutants  Plasma Systems  Product Distributions  Pyrolysis Process  Steam Content  Syn-gas  Velocity Field  
AC plasma arc system for pyrolysis of medical waste and POPs 会议论文
27th Annual International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies 2008, Montreal, QC, Canada, May 12, 2008 - May 16, 2008
Authors:  Sheng HZ(盛宏至);  Wang R(王蕊);  Xu YX(徐永香);  Li YJ(李要建);  Tian JG(田君国)
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Ac Plasma Arc Technology  Active Carbons  Arc Discharges  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  Cooling Subsystems  Destruction And Removal Efficiencies  Environmental Sciences  Environmentally Friendly  Gas Cooling  Gas Reheaters  Gas Scrubbers  Gas Treatments  Hazardous Wastes  High Temperatures  Medical Wastes  Off-gas Treatment  Organic Wastes  Performance Characteristics  Persistent Organic Pollutants  Plasma Arc Furnaces  Plasma Arcs  Plasma Gasses  Plasma Systems  Plasma Technologies  Pyrolysis Process  Reaction Zones  Secondary Combustions  Sub Systems  Treatment Technologies