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基底力学微环境调控胚胎干细胞肝向分化的规律及分子机制 会议论文
第十二届全国生物力学学术会议暨第十四届全国生物流变学学术会议会议, 中国陕西西安, 2018年8月17日至21日
Authors:  吕东媛;  罗春花;  郑璐;  张帆;  张潇;  张晨;  龙勉
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胚胎干细胞  微环境  分子机制  
Effects of microfractures properties on stress-dependent permeability in tight oil reservoirs 会议论文
52nd U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, Seattle, WA, United states, June 17, 2018 - June 20, 2018
Authors:  Yang L(杨柳);  Lu XB(鲁晓兵);  Shi X;  Zhang KH;  Gao J;  Chen X;  Zhang ZB
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Petroleum reservoirs  Road construction  Rock mechanics  Effective stress  Elasticity theory  Laboratory experiments  Microfractures  Oil reservoirs  Stress sensitive coefficient  Stress  dependent  Tight sandstones  
万核级并行飞机气动模拟软件CCFD研制 期刊论文
华中科技大学学报(自然科学版), 2011, 卷号: 39, 期号: S1, 页码: 99-101
Authors:  陈刚;  王磊;  陆忠华;  梁贤
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飞机气动模拟  计算流体力学  中国计算流体力学软件  万核级并行  软件设计  
Instability of seabed and pipes induced by NGH dissociation 会议论文
20th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, ISOPE-2010, Beijing, China, June 20, 2010 - June 25, 2010
Authors:  Lu XB(鲁晓兵);  Li QP;  Wang L;  Zhang XH(张旭辉);  Yao HY;  Wang SY(王淑云);  Lu, X.
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Before And After  Elastic Parameters  Ngh  Numerical Modeling  Practical Engineering  
不同浮重比水中悬浮隧道动力特性的实验研究 会议论文
第18届全国结构工程学术会议第Ⅲ册, 中国广东广州, 2009-11-28
Authors:  陆维;  葛斐;  王雷;  龙旭;  洪友士
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水中悬浮隧道  浮重比  模型实验  波浪  动力响应  
Calcium signaling in bone cell networks induced by fluid flow 会议论文
11th ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, SBC2009, Lake Tahoe, CA, United states, June 17, 2009 - June 21, 2009
Authors:  Lu XL;  Huo B(霍波);  Baik AD;  Guo XE;  Lu, X. L.
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