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Size-dependent plastic deformation and failure mechanisms of nanotwinned Ni3Al: Insights from an atomistic cracking model 期刊论文
Authors:  Wang YJ;  Tsuchiya K;  Dai LH(戴兰宏);  Wang, YJ (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, State Key Lab Nonlinear Mech, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China.
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Nanostructured Materials  Twinning  Crystal Plasticity  Fracture  Atomistic Simulations  
Tensile deformation mechanisms of the hierarchical structure consisting of both twin-free grains and nanotwinned grains 期刊论文
Philosophical Magazine Letters, 2014, 卷号: 94, 期号: 8, 页码: 514-521
Authors:  Yuan FP(袁福平);  Chen P(陈萍);  Wu XL(武晓雷);  Yuan FP(袁福平)
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations  Dislocation Interactions  Deformation Mechanisms  Nanostructured Materials  
Role of Al additions in wear control of nanocrystalline Mo(Si1-xAlx)(2) coatings prepared by double cathode glow discharge technique 期刊论文
MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2013, 卷号: 29, 期号: 8, 页码: 900-907
Authors:  Xu J;  Fan HS;  Li ZY(李正阳);  Xu, J (reprint author), Nanjing Univ Aeronaut & Astronaut, Dept Mat Sci & Engn, 29 Yudao St, Nanjing 210016, Jiangsu, Peoples R China.
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Molybdenum Silicides  Nanostructured Materials  Friction/wear  Thin Films  
Experimental study of the influence of thermal shock on mechanical properties of ceramic coating systems 会议论文
13th International Conference on Fracture 2013, ICF 2013, Beijing, China, June 16, 2013 - June 21, 2013
Authors:  Li XN(李霄娜);  Liang LH(粱立红);  Wei H;  Wei YG(魏悦广)
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Bending strength  Bending tests  Ceramic coatings  Ceramic materials  Elastic moduli  Fracture  Hardness  Mechanical properties  Microstructure  Thermal shock  Air plasma sprayed  Change of temperatures  Coating  substrate systems  Nanoindentation tests  Nanostructured coatings  Shock temperature  Temperature range  Three  point bending test  
Size-dependent surface/interface energy and interface adhesive properties 会议论文
13th International Conference on Fracture 2013, ICF 2013, Beijing, China, June 16, 2013 - June 21, 2013
Authors:  Liang LH(粱立红);  Wei H;  Wei YG(魏悦广)
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Ceramic materials  Fracture  Nanotechnology  Surface roughness  Analytical expressions  Cohesive zone model  Interface adhesives  Interface binding strength  Interface cohesion  Interface energy  Nano scale  Nanostructured ceramic  
A density functional study of zinc oxide elastic properties under high pressure 会议论文
IUTAM Symposium on Surface Effects in the Mechanics of Nanomaterials and Heterostructures, 2010, Beijing, China, August 8, 2010 - August 12, 2010
Authors:  Wang BB;  Zhao YP(赵亚溥)
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Biosensors  Blending  Chemical vapor deposition  Crystal symmetry  Crystals  Density functional theory  Elastic constants  Elasticity  II  VI semiconductors  Lattice constants  Local density approximation  Nanocomposites  Nanostructured materials  Zinc sulfide  Chemical vapor depositions (CVD)  Density  functional study  Elastic properties  Environment pressure  Generalized gradient approximations  Longitudinal direction  Multi  scale simulation  Zinc blend structure  
Thermo-hyperelastic models for nanostructured materials 会议论文
Symposium on Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Materials/11th International Conference in Asia of the International-Union-of-Materials-Research-Societies, Qingdao, PEOPLES R CHINA, SEP 25-28, 2010
Authors:  Wang ZQ(王志乔);  Zhao YP(赵亚溥);  Zhao, YP (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, State Key Lab Nonlinear Mech LNM, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China
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Nanostructured Materials  Thermo-hyperelastic  Surface  Residual Stresses  
Thermo-hyperelastic models for nanostructured materials 期刊论文
Science China-Physics Mechanics & Astronomy, 2011, 卷号: 54, 期号: 5, 页码: 948-956
Authors:  Wang ZQ(王志乔);  Zhao YP(赵亚溥);  Zhao, YP (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Mech, State Key Lab Nonlinear Mech LNM, Beijing 100190, Peoples R China
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Nanostructured Materials  Thermo-hyperelastic  Surface  Residual Stresses  Cauchy-born Rule  Connections  Interfaces  Multiscale  Stress  Hills  
High discharge rate lithium ion batteries with the composite cathode of LiFePO4/mesocarbon nanobead 会议论文
1st Annual Meeting on Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials, Nanchang, China, APR 28-30, 2010
Authors:  Gu YJ;  Zeng CS;  Chen YB;  Wu HK;  Liu HQ;  Chen L;  Wang M;  Zuo LL;  Huang XW;  Liu XB(刘秀波);  Zhang J;  Lu C;  Hu Y;  Guo Z;  Hu ZW
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Automobiles  Cathodes  Electric Discharges  Electric Vehicles  Electrochemical Properties  Ions  Lithium  Lithium Batteries  Lithium Compounds  Materials Testing  Nanostructured Materials  Olivine  Silicate Minerals  Solid State Reactions  Cell Types  Composite Cathode  Discharge Capacities  Discharge Rates  Electron Transporting  Lifepo  Lithium-ion Battery  Nanobeads  Rate Capabilities  Room Temperature  Vehicle Applications  
Growth of deformation twins in room-temperature rolled nanocrystalline nickel 期刊论文
Applied Physics Letter, 2009, 卷号: 94, 期号: 12, 页码: 121907
Authors:  Zhang XY;  Wu XL(武晓雷);  Zhu AW
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Dislocations  Grain Boundaries  Nanostructured Materials  Nanotechnology  Nickel  Transmission Electron Microscopy  Twin Boundaries  Twinning  Molecular-dynamics Simulation  Al  Mechanism  Metals  Slip  Ni