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Numerical simulation of geostress and support of roadway crossing strata in complex stress condition 会议论文
2nd International Conference on Structures and Building Materials, ICSBM 2012, Hangzhou, China, MAR 09-11, 2012
Authors:  Wang TX;  Li LY;  Zheng WH(郑文海);  Liu Y;  Hou T;  Qu HY;  Wang Tongxu
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Building Materials  Civil Engineering  Coal Deposits  Coal Mines  Lie Groups  Roof Coverings  Coal Seams  Complex Stress  Complex Stress Condition  Geo-stress  Mining Areas  Numerical Simulation Software  Research Methods  Roof Structure Detection  Roof Structures  Stability Classification  Stress Variations  Surrounding Rock  Video Detection  Working Face  Zone Charts  
Study on the Structural System of Roof in Fully Mechanized Top Coal Caving 会议论文
International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transportation (ICCET 2011), Jinan, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 14-16, 2011
Authors:  Shen J;  Meng D(孟达);  Wei LK
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Fully Mechanized Top-coal Caving  Roof Structure  Structural System  Underground Mining