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月球虹湾局部影像图公布—嫦娥二号工程成功 中国科学院老科技工作者协会工程力学分会 4108
高焓流动重要基础问题研究进展 林贞彬 2230
Relationships between hardness, elastic modulus, and the work of indentation Cheng YT 2011
坡度和径流量对细沟侵蚀的影响 李妍敏 1929
Analysis of Temperature and Pressure Changes in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Cryoge.. 陈启生 1572
Study of working fluid selection of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for engine waste h.. Wang EH 1496
热化学非平衡流动中黏性干扰和化学反应对HB2 气动力的影响 李康 1463
带压作业修井装置的研制 崔斌 1395
Scaling approach to conical indentation in elastic-plastic solids with work harden.. Cheng YT 1351
中国古建筑结构力学研究进展 俞茂宏 1277
分子动力学模拟的主要技术 文玉华 1137
Contimuum Mesomechanical Finite Element Modeling in Materials Development: A State.. Leon L Mishnaevskv Jr 1089
无人机的发展现状与展望 淳于江民 1069
中科院超算中心“元”系统使用入门培训 邓笋根 1003
TDLAS测量甲烷/空气预混平面火焰温度和H2O浓度 李飞 987
全内反射测速技术(TIRV)中界面隐失波基准光强I_0的确定 史飞 985
Dynamic shear punch behavior of tungsten fiber reinforced Zr-based bulk metallic g.. Chen JH(陈军红) 976
中国力学大会-2011暨钱学森诞辰100周年纪念大会简介 王正道 951
太湖风生流特征的数值模拟研究 许旭锋 932
C-shaped root canal system in mandibular second molars in a Chinese population eva.. Zheng Q 861
Quasi-Dammann Grating With Proportional Intensity Array Spots Li SX(李少霞) 854
复合材料设计的原理与实践 张双寅 839
Scaling, Dimensional Analysis, and Indentation Measurements Cheng YT 834
Orr-Sommerfeld方程的Green函数和积分方程解法 李家春 827
Evolution of cellular structures on oblique detonation surfaces Teng HH(滕宏辉) 827
粘结界面力学行为及其表征 许巍 826
On the numerical technique for the simulation of hypervelocity test flows Hu ZM(胡宗民) 805
Collective evolution dynamics of multiple shear bands in bulk metallic glasses 陈艳 782
Surface features of Zr-based and Ti-based metallic glasses by ion irradiation Hu Z(胡铮) 749
Coupling effects of heterogeneity and stress fluctuation on rupture 张晓辉 738
Surface features of Zr-based and Ti-based metallic glasses by ion irradiation Hu Z(胡铮) 722
Effect of Nb Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Cu-Ni-A.. 孙玉峰 709
大庆RP-3航空煤油热物性分析 范学军 689
Measurement of Young’s modulus and residual stress of copper filmelectroplated on.. Zhou Y 684
Hydrodynamic coefficients induced by waves and currents for submerged circular cyl.. Li Y(李勇) 683
SUPER CE/SE的新算法及其在爆炸力学中的应用 王刚 682
CDEM力学分析系列软件--介绍 中国科学院力学研究所 非连续介质力学及工程灾害联合实验室 679
Full-Scale Physical Modeling of Pipeline Instability on a Sloping Seabed 高福平 678
岩土工程有限元快速解法的研究与应用 吴梦喜 668
Laminar flame speeds of hydrocarbon + air mixtures with hydrogen addition Yu G 666
“风云三号”卫星成功发射 中国科学院老科技工作者协会工程力学分会 666
Aerodynamic Performance of a Corrugated Dragonfly Airfoil Compared with Smooth Air.. Tama M 663
The formation mechanism of low leaching glassy slag during plasma arc vitrificatio.. Li YJ(李要建) 653
C/H/O/N/S/Cl/K/Na元素的详细化学反应机理的简化与验证 郭啸峰 631
Formation of Single and Multiple Deformation Twins in Nanocrystalline fcc Metals Zhu YT 628
高超声速飞行器热防护材料与结构的研究进展 杨亚政 628
氮化铝基板与Cu和Al的接合及其表面改质效果 潘文霞 599
Surface Tension and Its Temperature Coefficient of Molten Tin Determined with the .. Zhang FY 591
太湖水质富营养化特征研究 许旭锋 591
温度对LiNi_(1/3)Co_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_2晶粒大小的影响 王翠玲 587
Direct Observation of Catch Bonds Involving Cell-Adhesion Molecules Marshall BT 580
Laser drilling improving circuit board manufacturing Yu G(虞钢) 578
Instability Criterion of One-Dimensional Detonation Wave with Three-Step Chain Bra.. 滕宏辉 578
原子力显微镜中液桥的热力学分析 魏征 578
Deformation twinning in nanocrystalline materials Zhu YT 575
纳米材料的研究进展 文玉华 574
利科有限元软件(LinkFEA) 吴梦喜 567
Improved Analysis Method for Wave-Induced Pipeline Stability on Sandy Seabed 高福平 565
Effects of volumetric allocation on heave response of semisubmersible in deep sea 张会琴 564
Experimental Study on Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Submarine Pipeline Near Seabed .. 杨兵 562
An improved SPH method for modeling liquid sloshing dynamics Shao, J. R. 561
Grain misorientation and grain-boundary rotation dependent mechanical properties i.. Wu JT(吴江涛) 560
Determination Of Plastic Properties By Instrumented Spherical Indentation: Expandi.. Jiang P(姜鹏) 558
超声速燃烧与高超声速推进 俞刚 555
无人机编队飞行技术的研究现状与展望 李文皓 552
杂质对溶菌酶晶体表面形貌和生长动力学的影响 戴国亮 538
Investigation on mechanism of critical cavitating flow in liquid jet pumps under o.. Long XP(龙新平) 524
Fusion energy-production from a deuterium-tritium plasma in the jet tokamak JET Team 523
RSW-2滚滑摩擦磨损试验机操作软件系统V1.0 李正阳 523
扩散抛物化Navier-Stokes方程数值解法评述 王汝权 518
Temperature and composition profile during double-track laser cladding of H13 tool.. 何秀丽 518
A simple correlation for prediction of the liquid slug holdup in gas/non-Newtonian.. Xu JY(许晶禹) 518
气固脉冲流化床的流体力学特性 聂永生 517
嵌岩桩竖向承载力规范计算的商榷 魏作安 510
Molecular Modeling and Affinity Determination of scFv Antibody: Proper Linker Pept.. Gu X 504
生物材料微结构及其力学行为的研究和仿生应用(1) 宋凡 503
Multiphase Flow Measurement by Dual Gamma Ray Tomography 吴应湘 502
分子动力学模拟与分子生物力学 吕守芹 496
乳化油的性质及其制备方法研究 吴东垠 493
稀薄气体动力学:进展与应用 樊菁 491
Differential regulation of stiffness, topography, and dimension of substrates in r.. Li Z(李展) 489
Self-instability and bending behaviors of nano plates 王志乔 487
薄膜内预应力对薄膜/基底界面粘附强度的影响 陈少华 486
基于图像分析软件的晶粒尺寸分布统计 朱家明 483
Study of drag reduction by gas injection for power-law fluid flow in horizontal st.. Xu JY(许晶禹) 482
The effect of current mode and discharge type on the corrosion resistance of plasm.. Hussein RO 481
甲型H1N1/2009 流感病毒的种属跨越机制 刘鑫 474
Oil/water separation in a liquid-liquid cylindrical cyclone Liu HF(刘海飞) 473
Lateral soil resistance to an untrenched pipeline under the action of ocean curren.. Gao FP(高福平) 472
高超声速前台阶绕流的计算分析 孙泉华 471
The nature of strength enhancement and weakening by pentagon-heptagon defects in g.. Wei YJ(魏宇杰) 471
岩石破裂过程的数值模拟研究 黄明利 464
Dislocation-twin interactions in nanocrystalline fcc metals Zhu YT 463
Directly synthesized strong, highly conducting, transparent single-walled carbon n.. Ma WJ 462
Double spiral microchannel for label-free tumor cell separation and enrichment Sun JS 455
微重力流体力学 胡文瑞 453
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of laser overlap welding of Ti.. Zhao SS(赵树森) 453
A review of recent studies on vortex-induced vibrations of long slender cylinders 武晓东 451
海上风电工程结构与地基的关键力学问题 周济福 451
Undercooling and Rapid Solidification of Nb-Si Eutectic Alloys Studied by Long Dro.. 王育人 450
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Issues in Molecular Gas Dynamics 樊菁 9
均质旋转流体绕圆柱流动的实验研究 柳绮年 8
原子力显微镜中液桥的热力学分析 魏征 8
一般流体的准一维定常流方程组及其在超临界碳氢燃料可压缩流动中的应用 程迪 7
Two bifurcation transitions of the floating half zone convection in a fat liquid b.. 唐泽眉 6
Weibull modulus for diverse strength due to sample-specificity 白以龙 6
Molecular dynamics simulation of shear- and stretch-induced dissociation of P-sele.. Kang YY(康英永) 6
Contact behaviors of a rigid punch and a homogeneous half-space coated with a grad.. 陈培见 6
CDEM力学分析系列软件--介绍 中国科学院力学研究所 非连续介质力学及工程灾害联合实验室 6
Interfacial temperature discontinuities in a thin liquid layer during evaporation Zhu ZQ(朱志强) 6
大气环境对空间红外探测影响的研究 李帅辉 6
The dual information preserving method for stiff reacting flows Liu, Li 6
A coupled model on energy conversion in laser power beaming Wu CW(吴臣武) 6
Surface Nanobubbles Nucleate Liquid Boiling Zou JT 6
Using high-speed camera to investigate failure waves in K9 glass Zhao JH(赵剑衡) 5
Singularity intensity factor calculation in plates and shells based on the singula.. Liu CT(柳春图) 5
Particulate Size Effects in the Particle-Reinforced Metal-Matrix Composites 魏悦广 5
Inverse Analysis Determining Interfacial Properties Between Metal Film And Ceramic.. Zhao HF(赵海峰) 5
An Improved Ce/Se Scheme For Multi-Material Elastic-Plastic Flows And Its Applicat.. Wang JT 5
A perturbational h4 exponential finite-difference scheme for the convective diffus.. Chen GQ 5
双向流动片层透析式空间细胞培养及其地基模拟装置 王战会 5
Dislocation nucleation governed softening and maximum strength in nano-twinned met.. Li XY 5
一种机体/发动机一体化构型概念方案 崔凯 5
A Work Approach to Determine Vickers Indentation Fracture Toughness 冯义辉 5
气泡群溃灭过程中的主控参数及影响规律研究 杜特专 5
高精度SPH方法及其在海洋工程中的应用 刘谋斌 5
Study on Flame Stabilization in a Dual-Mode Combustor Using Optical Measurements 袁越明 5
漫漫报国之路--记程世祜先生 王柏懿 5
Numerical analysis of effects of adhesive type and geometry on mixed-mode failure .. Liao LJ(廖丽涓) 5
高压气体状态方程 陈致英 5
Numerical study on critical axial forces of upheaval buckling for initially stress.. 许雷阁 5
Static and dynamic wetting of soft substrates Chen LQ 5
A hybrid kinetic WENO scheme for compressible flow simulations Liu HW(刘洪伟) 5
Evaluation Method for Multi-Operator and Multi-Robot Teleoperation Systems Feng GH(冯冠华) 5
Applying the Electrochemical Deposition Technology to Construct the Hybrid Devices Ren Q(任权) 4
Elliptic Model for Space-Time Correlations in Turbulent Shear Flows 何国威 4
Instrumented Indentation Study of Plastic Deformation in Bulk Metallic Glasses 李维火 4
Transverse shear strength of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matri.. Dai LH(戴兰宏) 4
Characterization of Rate-Dependent Shear Behavior of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass .. 刘龙飞 4
Growth of ZnO Nanotetrapods with Hexagonal Crown 何发泉 4
Size-dependent inelastic behavior of particle-reinforced metal-matrix composites 戴兰宏 4
Slug to annular flow transition of microgravity two-phase flow 赵建福 4
Numerical simulation of rock failure and earthquake process on mesoscopic scale 王裕仓 4
Ab initio investigation of the elasticity and stability of aluminium 李微雪 4
A Cip/Multi-Moment Finite Volume Method For Shallow Water Equations With Source Te.. Akoh R 4
Micromechanics Modeling Of Strength For Nanocrystalline Copper 兰姣霞 4
Splitting the fast and slow motions in molecular dynamics simulations based on the.. 郑志军 4
岩土工程有限元快速解法的研究与应用 吴梦喜 4
Dissipative particle dynamics simulation of wettability alternation phenomena in t.. 李小波 4
MD simulation of the effect of contact area and tip radius on nanoindentation Chen SD 4
Synchronous chaos in the coupled system of two logistic maps He GY 4
Nonlinear dynamics of atomic force microscopy with intermittent contact 张吟 4
Large-eddy simulation of flows past a flapping airfoil using immersed boundary met.. 杨晓雷 4
颗粒增强复合材料的残余热应力分析和增韧效应 吴永礼 4
从数量级和量纲分析看煤与瓦斯突出的机理 郑哲敏 4
考虑晶界效应的多晶体有限变形分析 潘文科 4
微重力下悬浮区的热毛细对流及其控制 李家春 4
理想塑性晶体裂纹顶端渐近场 王自强 4
射电星系双源射束中的磁场位形 胡文瑞 4
激波管壁AlO自由基B~2∑~+-X~2∑~+和C~2∏_r-X~2∑~+带系辐射光谱的研究 彭志敏 4
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a DC Non-Transferred Arc P.. 邓晶 4
Slip boundary conditions based on molecular kinetic theory: The critical shear str.. 王奉超 4
Effect of surfactant additives on nucleate pool boiling heat transfer of refrigera.. Peng H(彭浩) 4
Probe stiffness regulates receptor-ligand bond lifetime under force 章燕 4
A criterion for thermo-plastic shear instability 白以龙 4
The nature of strength enhancement and weakening by pentagon-heptagon defects in g.. Wei YJ(魏宇杰) 4
液滴冲击固体表面的光滑粒子动力学模拟 马理强 4
长试验时间爆轰驱动激波风洞技术研究 姜宗林 4
Experimental study of a vane-type pipe separator for oil-water separation 史仕荧 4
Energy absorption mechanism of open-cell Zr-based bulk metallic glass foam 魏秀 4
Thermodynamic properties and constitutive relations of crystals at finite temperat.. 汤奇恒 4
高速列车过隧道、明线会车及隧道会车工况下的动力响应研究 赖姜 4
Numerical investigation on flow and convective heat transfer of aviation kerosene .. Dang GX(党国鑫) 4
纳米纤维末端形状对其表面粘附性能的影响 彭志龙 4
粉末性质对同轴送粉激光熔覆中粉末流场的影响规律 刘昊 4
Differential regulation of stiffness, topography, and dimension of substrates in r.. Li Z(李展) 4
同轴热电偶的热响应特性分析及标定方法 李进平 4
灾变破坏幂律奇异性前兆的多尺度、多物理验证 姜智捷 4
Fabrication and optical characteristics of phosphor-free InGaN nanopyramid white l.. 吴奎 4
A global shallow-water model on an icosahedral-hexagonal grid by amulti-moment con.. Chen CG(陈春刚) 4
中科院“率先行动”计划启动实施 中国科学院老科协工程力学分会 4
Dynamic shear punch behavior of tungsten fiber reinforced Zr-based bulk metallic g.. Chen JH(陈军红) 4
Numerical analysis on the heat transfer of three types of nozzles for the hyperson.. 邢云绯 4
Micromechanics based fatigue life prediction of a polycrystalline metal applying c.. Zhang KS 4
溃口发展中三维边坡变形破坏的SPH模拟 吴强 4
Fluid-structure interaction of submerged floating tunnel in wave field Ge F(葛斐) 4
Multi-step Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Scheme 申义庆 4
Effect of mesh resolution on large eddy simulation of cloud cavitating flow around.. Wu XC(吴小翠) 4
Detection of Duck Hepatitis Virus Serotype1 By Biosensor Based on Imaging Ellipsom.. Huang CH 4
纳微系统中表面效应的物理力学研究(2) 王柏懿 4
纳微系统中表面效应的物理力学研究(3) 王柏懿 4
Design of a pulse-type strain gauge balance for a long-test-duration hypersonic sh.. 汪运鹏 4
Failure maps and optimal design of metallic sandwich panels with truss cores subje.. 袁武 4
高速列车头型气动反设计方法 陈大伟 4
Force measurement in a shock tunnel with 100 milliseconds test duration 汪运鹏 4
Spontaneous imbibition in asymmetric branch-like throat structures in unconvention.. Shen YH 4
高强钢超高周疲劳寿命预测模型和P-S-N曲线快速估计 孙成奇 4
Investigation of Water Coning Mechanism in Tarim Fractured Sandstone Gas Reservoir.. Shen WJ(沈伟军) 4
超声速三维进气道内激波干扰的研究 项高翔 4
Fundamental study of sterilization effects on marine Vibrio sp in a cylindrical wa.. 王静竹 4
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Micromechanics Modeling Of Strength For Nanocrystalline Copper 兰姣霞 4
考虑晶界效应的多晶体有限变形分析 潘文科 4
均质旋转流体绕圆柱流动的实验研究 柳绮年 4
纳米纤维末端形状对其表面粘附性能的影响 彭志龙 4
Issues in Molecular Gas Dynamics 樊菁 4
纳微系统中表面效应的物理力学研究(2) 王柏懿 4
纳微系统中表面效应的物理力学研究(3) 王柏懿 4
漫漫报国之路--记程世祜先生 王柏懿 4
A coupled model on energy conversion in laser power beaming Wu CW(吴臣武) 4
Transverse shear strength of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matri.. Dai LH(戴兰宏) 3
对“通量法则诸反例的两个特点”一文的几点看法 朱如曾 3
射电星系双源射束中的磁场位形 胡文瑞 3
高超声速风洞实验数据多空间相关理论与关联方法研究 姜宗林 3
CDEM力学分析系列软件--介绍 中国科学院力学研究所 非连续介质力学及工程灾害联合实验室 3
受体-配体相互作用二维、三维竞争的理论模型与实验验证 彭爽 3
原子力显微镜中液桥的热力学分析 魏征 3
基底表面粗糙度对石墨烯黏附与撕脱的影响 陈少华 3
A distinct element method for analysis of structures under blast loading 鲁晓兵 3
亚临界圆柱绕流辐射噪声的大涡模拟 时北极 3
Cloud Cavitating Flow That Surrounds a Vertical Hydrofoil Near the Free Surface Xu, Chang 3
一种冲击吸能机构 魏延鹏 3
Passive hovering of a flexible Lamda-flyer in a vertically oscillating airflow Zhang X(张翔) 3
An Extension of Self-Organizing Maps to Categorical Data Chen N(陈宁) 2
Performance of a Supersonic Model Combustor using Vaporized Kerosene Injection Fan XJ(范学军) 2
Statistical simulation of low-speed rarefied gas flows 樊菁 2
Direct Observation of Catch Bonds Involving Cell-Adhesion Molecules Marshall BT 2
Energy conversion in shape memory alloy heat engine - Part II: Simulation Zhu JJ(朱久江) 2
液–固脉冲流化床中浓度波传播与衰减 晋国栋 2
General Relationship Between Contact Stiffness, Contact Depth, and Mechanical Prop.. Cheng YT 2
开发深海资源的海底空间站技术 曾恒一 2
Experimental Study on the Generation and Characteristics of Plasma Jets 潘文霞 2
Surface Tension and Its Temperature Coefficient of Molten Tin Determined with the .. Zhang FY 2
大庆RP-3航空煤油热物性分析 范学军 2
A Simulation Model for Unified Interrill Erosion and Rill Erosion on Hillslopes 刘青泉 2
Water Content Distribution in the Surface Layer of Maoping Slope 刘曰武 2
玫瑰花瓣实验的概率动力学模拟 陈娟 2
Permeability of Fractal Porous Media by Monte Carlo Simulations Yu BM(郁伯铭) 2
Deformation behavior and microstructure effect in 2124Al/SiCp composite Ling Z(凌中) 2
Monitoring A Micromechanical Process In Macroscale Carbon Nanotube Films And Fiber.. Ma WJ 2
Microfluidic effects of transporting signaling components in cell coculture chips Hu GQ(胡国庆) 2
Researches on essential mechanics issues for submerged floating tunnel 洪友士 2
Numerical simulation of drop Marangoni migration under microgravity Wang YX 2
The size-dependent bending elastic properties of nanobeams with surface effects 郭建刚 2
波浪作用下水平柱体水动力系数研究 李勇 2
天然气水合物分解对分层土中海底管道稳定性的影响 王淑云 2
桶形基础的承载特性与承载力计算 吴梦喜 2
天然气水合物的性质、勘探及开采 吴应湘 2
单脉冲加载的Hopkinson扭杆装置 薛青 2
太阳活动22周峰年日地系统整体行为研究计划 胡文瑞 2
孤立无力场磁拱的自洽模型 胡文瑞 2
一个二流体系统中两对孤立波的相互作用 戴世强 2
盘状星系的三维基态 徐建军 2
Experimental-study on the criteria and mechanism of spallation in an aluminum-allo.. Shen LT(沈乐天) 2
Crack deflection at an interface between dissimilar elastic-materials He MY(何明元) 2
半焦燃烧特性的热重试验研究 刘典福 2
驱油体系的驱油效率及其在模拟岩芯表面的润湿性研究 水玲玲 2
微重力落管法制备Nd_(60)Al_(10)Fe_(20)Co_(10)非晶薄片的磁性能研究 李伏 2
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH): an Overview and Recent Developments 刘谋斌 2
等离子体活性烧结纳米碳化硅涂层的实验研究 黄河激 2
Surface Initiated Polymerization from Substrates of Low Initiator Density and Its .. Ma HW 2
Effect of volume ratio on thermocapillary flow in liquid bridges of high-Prandtl-n.. 寻波 2
激光诱导CH荧光在燃烧诊断中初步应用 张少华 2
一种机体/发动机一体化构型概念方案 崔凯 2
Numerical simulation of off-gas formation during top-blown oxygen converter steelm.. 李森 2
Prediction of threshold value for FGA formation 赵爱国 2
The criterion of the existence or inexistence of transverse shock wave at wedge su.. 王爱峰 2
吸气式高超声速飞行器上壁面多约束/多目标优化设计和分析 崔凯 2
Deformation twinning in nanocrystalline materials Zhu YT 2
降低亚轨道飞行器再入法向过载峰值的攻角设计方法 肖歆昕 2
Yielding behavior of copper nanowire in the presence of vacancies 刘小明 2
幂律奇异性:隐含在受载岩石声发射信号中的灾变前兆 金渊 2
高速列车过隧道、明线会车及隧道会车工况下的动力响应研究 赖姜 2
脆性材料损伤表述方法及基于应变强度分布破坏准则的计算单元 李世海 2
基于TDLAS的层析成像技术 李飞 2
Size-dependent interface adhesive energy and interface strength of nanostructured .. Liang LH(梁立红) 2
高超声速飞行器减阻防热研究进展 刘云峰 2
基于非结构网格间断有限元方法的不同间断识别器和限制器的比较 赵文赓 2
CDEM数值方法及其在爆炸冲击领域的应用 冯春 2
TDLAS技术在超声速燃烧中的应用 余西龙 2
基于CN分子B~2∑~+→X~2∑~+电子带系发射光谱的转动温度测量技术 林鑫 2
燃烧和高焓流动的激光诊断技术 余西龙 2
高空高速飞行器的紫外辐射特性 蒋建政 2
大气环境对空间红外探测影响的研究 李帅辉 2
灾变破坏幂律奇异性前兆的多尺度、多物理验证 姜智捷 2
Seepage-damage coupling study of the stability of water-filled dump slope 吕祥锋 2
自驱动Janus微球分数布朗运动的颗粒动力学模拟 胡静 2
Convection and correlation of coherent structure in turbulent boundary layer using.. Wang W(王维) 2
一种水下爆炸实验系统 黄晨光 2
Investigation of Spontaneous Combustion of Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture using DSMC Simu.. 杨超 2
340 W Nd:YVO4 Innoslab laser oscillator with direct pumping into the lasing level Xu L 2
高精度SPH方法及其在海洋工程中的应用 刘谋斌 2
不同结构旋流器油水分离特性研究 陆忠韩 2
Smaller critical size and enhanced strength by nano-laminated structure in nickel Wang W 2
Effect of mesh resolution on large eddy simulation of cloud cavitating flow around.. Wu XC(吴小翠) 2
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A Slope Constrained 4th Order Multi-Moment Finite Volume Method with WENO Limiter Sun ZY 2
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